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Small Business Improvement Enhanced Program

We know that all Small Businesses want to Save Money!

We can help your business reduce your energy usage and help lower your energy bill. Puffin Mechanical provides free on-site energy assessments for small business owners and operators throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia. As a participating contractor in Dominion Energy Virginia’s Small Business Improvement Enhanced Program, Puffin Mechanical is one of the few providers in the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide this service. We are excited to help businesses like yours identify and receive incentives for energy efficient improvements.

Send us a message through our form or give us a call to schedule your company’s Energy Assessment. (757) 230-4681

Send us a message to discuss and schedule your Small Business Improvement Enhanced Program.

    What is the Small Business Improvement Enhanced Program?

    It is a walk-through assessment of your business’s energy use. This includes your lighting, heating and cooling systems, duct work, and refrigeration systems. This program allows us to perform some courtesy services and offer options for low-cost solutions by using rebate incentives for energy efficiency improvements.* For eligible customers, this valuable service provides long-term energy savings that can reduce your energy bill and your business’ impact on the environment.

    What to Expect During Your Free Assessment.

    Puffin Mechanical Energy Services will conduct a walk-through of your small business. Depending on the size of your facility, this can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours. We will look at the things that require energy in your business. We will also identify and recommend upgrades.

    As a courtesy, our team will perform:

    • HVAC tune-ups
    • Air duct inspections, testing, and sealing.
    • LED exit signs
    • Occupancy sensors for bathrooms

    Some Reduced-Cost Solutions with available Rebates include:*

    • Fluorescent tube lighting upgrades to LED tube lighting
    • Light fixtures replacements to LED flat panel lighting
    • Smart thermostat installation
    The ductwork is not even attached!

    Key Benefits for Your Small Business

    Some of the benefits of this program and the energy efficient improvements include:

    • Providing better temperature control by eliminating hot and cold spots. This is done by properly sealing your air distribution system and air ducts.
    • Helping to reduce your business’s energy use and improve aesthetics with energy-efficient lighting and controls.
    • Saving you money and reducing energy use with refrigeration systems.
    • Creating a more comfortable environment for both your employees and customers with efficient HVAC systems.
    • Helping to reduce heat gain through your business’s windows by installing window film and blocking up to 84% of the solar energy (heat) coming through the untreated glass.

    The Small Business Improvement Enhanced Program

    Why would Dominion Energy Virginia want to provide these services?

    Dominion Energy is committed to bringing clean and reliable energy to the communities they serve. Dominion Energy serves millions of homes and businesses and offers energy conservation programs designed to help our Virginia and North Carolina electric customers save energy and money.

    Dominion Energy Virginia green and black Logo

    Contact us to ask about a free on-site energy assessments for small business owners and operators.

    What happens during Your Business’s Energy Assessment?

    From scheduling your appointment to filing your rebate paperwork, Puffin Mechanical will handle it all!


    1. Schedule Your Appointment

    Give us a call or fill out our request form. We will confirm your business’s eligibility.** Once that’s confirmed, we will schedule your appointment and let you know what you need and the next steps. (757) 230-4681

    2. Let Your Small Business Energy Assessment Begin!

    A Puffin Mechanical team member will conduct a walk-through of the facility, which can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete, depending on your facility size and improvement needs.

    3. We Discuss Your Energy Saving Options.

    During the same visit, we will discuss the energy efficient upgrades that are available through the program. In addition, we can show you the annual KWH savings your small business can expect based on the eligible upgrades.

    4. Puffin Mechanical Schedules Your Upgrades.

    Once you approve the upgrades, our office will reach out and schedule the work to be performed.

    5. Rebate Paperwork.

    Once we perform the upgrades, we will handle any paperwork and process it with Dominion Energy Virginia; thus, making the process easier for your business.

    As a Small Business Owner or Operator, how can your Business Benefit from this Program?

    As a participating contractor in Dominion Energy Virginia’s Small Business Improvement Enhanced Program, we perform some courtesy services and provide low-cost* solutions for energy efficient improvements.

    And there’s more!

    First, you get access to the Puffin Mechanical team and our knowledge and experience helping businesses save energy and money.
    Second, we are a pre-qualified, participating contractor and provide both the assessment and handle the rebate submissions.
    Third, we can tell you about the available energy efficient improvements your small business.

    *Rebates cannot exceed 75% of the project cost.

    **The Small Business Improvement Enhanced Program is open to Dominion Energy Virginia non-residential customers with a privately-owned business in 5 or fewer locations. If a business has more than 5 locations but have different tax ID numbers, they may still qualify. Call the Puffin Mechanical team, so we can confirm your business’s eligibility.

    Puffin Mechanical loves helping customers save money and the environment!

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