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About Puffin Mechanical

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About Our Commitment to Improving Your Home and Business’s HVAC, Energy Performance, and Energy Savings

Improving your home and business’s HVAC and energy performance leads to a more comfortable, energy-efficient space while saving you money on your energy bill. At Puffin Mechanical, we are a local, family-owned, and operated company focused on home and business energy savings. Our services include HVAC Service, Repair, and Replacement and inspections and testing that provide concrete data and energy solutions. We use real tests and data to take the guesswork out of your energy consumption, so you have real numbers. This allows you to see your potential energy savings.

Inspections & Testing = Solutions = Improved Energy Performance = Better Home Comfort & Energy Savings = Helping our Planet

Our Services

Puffin Mechanical is a locally owned and family-operated company. We focus on making your home and business more energy efficient. In turn, you save energy and money on utilities, and you help protect the environment.

Call for more information to schedule a service. (757) 230-4681

Puffin Mechanical’s Principal Mission

“Providing comfort and well-being to your home, from our family to yours.”

Meet Our Team

We invite you to learn more about our dedicated family members who lead the Puffin Mechanical team.

Robert Hammond, Our President

In addition to overseeing the daily operations of our family business, Rob heads up our HVAC and Home Performance Testing. His days are spent with our customers, educating them, and helping them learn about their homes and how they work efficiently as a system. Rob has over 23 years in the HVAC business and holds his Master’s in this field, and he also is BPI certified as a building analyst. Rob now uses his extensive experience and knowledge to do Home Performance Tests and make recommendations on the best way to improve a home’s performance. While work is done, Rob is on-site to ensure the quality of work.

Kelly Motley, Our Founder & Owner

Kelly oversees Puffin Mechanical’s energy conservation programs through Dominion Energy of Virginia. She works with our customers, helping them understand the program’s benefits and how to use these programs to improve the performance of their homes. Additionally, Kelly is involved in community outreach and networking to educate the public on the benefits of energy savings.

Marc Hammond, Our Operations Coordinator

Marc works behind the scenes at our company, handling inventory and supplies. He also spends time speaking with customers and networking to help educate our community about the benefits of our programs and services.

Diana Hammond, Our Bookkeeper & Finance

Diana keeps our company and team on the move by handling the bookkeeping and finances. She oversees our office and makes sure we have what we need to service our customers and the community.

About Our Puffin, Mascot & Brand Identity

We get asked all the time about our Puffin. During a family trip to Ireland, we spent time interacting with Puffins. As a reminder of our trip and time together, we decided to name our company after a Puffin to carry on the sense of family and the colorful, uniqueness of the bird. Puffins are both water and sky-loving birds. They can fly just as well as they swim and enjoy our planet’s natural resources.

Side note: We don’t have a Puffin. We just love this picture!

Puffin Mechanical loves helping customers save money and the environment!

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