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Home Performance Testing

The single biggest cause of home performance problems is air leakage.

Puffin Mechanical’s Home Performance Testing shows how well your home performs at keeping the air from leaking both into and out of your home. Why is this important? Air leakage affects your comfort and health and makes your home less efficient. It can be the source of drafty rooms, odors, dust, allergens, moisture, and high energy bills.

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    Understanding Air Leakage in Your Home

    When it comes to the air in your home, it’s a give and take. Because air flows from areas of higher pressure to lower pressure, each cubic foot of air that leaks into the house allows another cubic foot to leak out.

    How can we tell how much air your home is leaking? We use tests, not guesswork!

    Using state-of-the-art testing equipment, our specialists can detect your home’s energy efficiency issues with quantifiable information. Blower Door Testing & Infrared Thermography allows us to get to the source of energy efficiency issues and lay out effective solutions for your home.

    Home Performance Testing with a Blower Door Test

    The blower door test shows how much air is entering or escaping your home which determines a home’s air tightness. During the home performance testing, your Puffin Mechanical specialist uses a special calibrated fan as a diagnostic tool to depressurize your home to reveal air leaks and determine the overall airtightness of the home.

    Essentially, it sucks the air out of your home, so we can see where outside air is rushing in to replace it!

    Home Performance Testing with IR Camera

    Infrared Thermography detects temperature variations in your home to determine air leakage and heat loss. It can pinpoint areas of weakness in your home’s air seal, insulation, duct systems, windows, and doors. The areas with leakage will show up as a more distinct color than the surrounding area. In addition, the camera measures the surface temperature.

    The results of the test show the most cost-effective points for home improvement.

    Contact us to ask about Home Performance Testing and schedule your test.

    How does Home Performance Testing work from start to finish?

    Our first step is to discuss the concerns you have with your home. We will ask questions like, are the temperatures uneven throughout your home? Do you have allergies? Do you have high power bills? From there, we begin the home performance testing.


    1. Blower Door Test

    During the test, the blower door is temporarily installed onto the frame of an exterior door. This is typically the main entrance. We then close all exterior doors, windows, fireplace dampers, woodstove air inlets, and all exhaust devices while all interior doors are left open. While the fan pushes air outside, the air pressure inside your home is lowered. This causes air to be pulled in through all the cracks, penetrations and openings of your home revealing the overall air leakage of your home. The manometer in the fan box is used to record total overall air leakage in (CFM50) or (ACH50).

    2. Infrared Camera

    With the blower door running at a lower speed, our trained technician with walk with you through your home using an infrared camera. The IR camera will determine specifically where the air infiltration is occurring or where there might be insufficient insulation.

    3. Home Performance Testing Report

    You will receive a report with pictures and test results of your home’s performance. The test results are used to provide you with a roadmap to improve the home’s efficiency moving forward.

    4. Recommendations and Energy Efficient Data

    For homes with considerable air leaks, we recommend air sealing and, in some cases, installing attic insulation in the home for increased energy savings, indoor air quality, and comfort.

    Once your home has been air sealed to prevent the infiltration of outside air and the exfiltration of conditioned air, the blower door test can be performed again to ensure the energy efficiency work was effective. We will show you the significant improvement in the tightness of the home, the increased energy efficiency and air quality, and your home’s overall performance.

    As a homeowner, why would you want a Home Performance Test?

    Air leakage contributes to air drafts, poor indoor air quality, and high energy bills, so it is important to know where air is leaking into and out of your home. You may also be thinking about installing new energy-efficient windows or making other efficiency upgrades. We recommend home performance testing before you make those big investments, so we can determine exactly how your home is using and losing energy.

    Reasons to Test

    To reduce energy usage caused from excess air leakage
    To avoid moisture condensation problems
    To avoid uncomfortable drafts caused by cold or warm air leaking in from outside
    To determine the best energy efficient upgrades like attic insulation, air sealing, and HVAC improvements
    To control outdoor contaminants, pests, and odors from entering your home
    To determine whether mechanical ventilation is needed to provide acceptable fresh air and maintain indoor air quality in your home

    Puffin Mechanical loves helping customers save money and the environment!

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